Completed Master Degrees

Name Year Thesis title
Linn Haug Eide 2018 Antibody Responses in Hospitalised Influenza Patients: Correlation to Clinical Illness
Sina Rostami 2016 IgG subclass antibody responses and their functions to the HA1 and HA2 subunits and hemagglutinin of the Influenza virus after 2009 pandemic influenza vaccination among health care workers at Haukeland University Hospital, Bergen, Norway
Linda Azimi 2016 Dissecting the hemagglutinin- specific antibody response after pandemic 2009 influenza vaccination
Marita Heimsæter 2016 Dynamics of Regulatory T Cells in Palatine Tonsils following Live Attenuated Influenza Vaccination
Steffen Slettvoll 2015 Age Related Differences in Palatine Tonsillar Morphology and Immunity after Live Attenuated Influenza Vaccination
Gina Bergh 2015 Age Related Differences in Palatine Tonsillar Morphology and Immunity after Live Attenuated Influenza
Jack Alwin Panapasa 2014 The expression of B & T cell activation markers in children's tonsils following Live Attenuated Influenza Vaccine
Mari Sanne 2014 Heterosubtypic immunity in Health Care Workers and Children after influenza vaccination
Sigurd Aarstad 2013 Early cytokine responses to live and inactivated pandemic influenza virus in cell culture
Synnøve Eidem 2013 Characterization of the immune response after pandemic and seasonal influenza vaccination in health care workers from 2009 to 2011.
Ingrid Gjeraker 2011 Evaluation of the sublingual route for administration of influenza vaccines in a murine model
Jarle Brattespe 2011 Genetic Variability in Primary Isolates of the 2009 Pandemic Influenza Virus from Hospitalized Patients at Haukeland University Hospital, Bergen
Monica Trondsen 2009 Preparing for an influenza pandemic: Re-evaluating the use of the whole inactivated virus vaccine formulation. –A comparison of the immune responses after intramuscular or intranasal immunization with an influenza H5N1 whole inactivated virus vaccine in a murine model.
Nam Pham Cong 2009 The immunogenicity of intranasal adjuvanted pandemic avian influenza vaccine in murine model
Hege K. Jacobsen 2006 Preparing for an influenza pandemic: combining the use of whole and split virus vaccine formulations in a mouse model as an alternative prime-boost vaccination strategy
Ewa Szyszko 2005 Comparison of the cytokine and antibody responses after influenza vaccination or infection of mice
Inger Marie Haaland 2004 The humoral immune response after influenza viral challenge of mice previously immunised with inactivated influenza vaccine
Karoline Bragstad 2002 Sub-cellular localisation of influenza NP and truncated HA1 EGFP-fusion proteins
Åsne Jul-Larsen 2001 Sequenc studies of the nucleoprotein gene of avian influenza
Eva Mykkeltvedt  2000 The immune response in mice after vaccination with influenza NP DNA vaccine and viral challenge
Hanne Linda Nakkestad 1999 Genetic variation in the HA1 domain of influenza A (H3N2) viruses in Norway (1992-98)
Janne Molnes 1998 Antigenic drift in the HA1 domain of influenza A(H3N2) strains isolated in Norway in 1992-6 and relationship to vaccine and reference viruses
Abdullah El-Madhun 1996 The kinetics and magnitude of the humoral immune response to influenza vaccine in juvenile diabetic patients compared of healthy controls