Research on long COVID presented in TV2

Research on long COVID presented in TV2

In an interview for the Norwegian TV2, Nina Langeland and Rebecca Cox explained the results of a new study conducted by the University of Bergen and Haukeland University Hospital on long COVID.

– As many as 46 percent of the COVID patients in our study report long-term effects, and that is high, said Nina Langeland, professor Infectious Diseases, University of Bergen.

The study has been conducted at the beginning of the pandemic, before the 233 participants received a vaccine and underwent the disease.

Although the long COVID patients include people with less severe symptoms such as cough and headache, 39 % of them report fatigue after six months, 22 % – concentration-, and 21 % memory  problems.

Moreover, the participants who struggled with concentration and memory report that the symptoms got worse to varying degrees after 18 months.

According to Rebecca Cox, professor at the Department of Clinical Science and Head of the Influenza Centre, University of Bergen employers, general practitioners and relatives of long COVID patients must take this problem seriously, and give affected person understanding and time and to recover.

– Those who suffer from COVID-19 long-term effects must be respected, and given time to recover. All regional health organizations have offers for people struggling with long COVID, so there is help for those who need it.

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Source: TV2