Month: September 2022

Research, Prevention and Control of Influenza

Lena Hansen with a PhD degree

Lena Hansen from the Influenza group has successfully defended her PhD on September 23. Lena defended her dissertation on “Strategies for improving influenza vaccines: insights from the Influenza A H1N1 and SARS-CoV-2 pandemics”. Influenza Centre’s leader, Professor Rebecca J. Cox was her first supervisor, whereas Dr Fan Zhou, Professor Ali Ellebedy and Associate Professor Kristin…
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VACCELERATE Volunteer Registry – new brochure

VACCELERATE Volunteer Registry is a database where one can register if they are interested in participating in a clinical trial. These are primarily studies connected to COVID-19 vaccine and other infectious disease vaccines such as monkey pox. VACCELERATE has now issued a new brochure explaining the Volunteer Registry and how you can join it. Download…
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Influenza Centre’s research in NRK

Nina Urke Ertesvåg, PhD student at the Influenza Centre, presented results of her research on the recognition of different influenza viruses by the immune system in NRK. The findings showed that people who have received several vaccines more often recognize viruses from several strains. – We have proven that the influenza vaccine works more broadly…
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Publication of a new manuscript

The manuscript on ‘Vaccination rates in Europe are not associated with online media intensity’, written by VACCELERATE consortium has been published open access in the Journal of Science Communication. One of the co-authors of the manuscript is Professor Rebecca Cox, Head of the Influenza Centre. You can find the full publication here:, and read…
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