Influenza Centre’s research in NRK

Influenza Centre’s research in NRK

Nina Urke Ertesvåg, PhD student at the Influenza Centre, presented results of her research on the recognition of different influenza viruses by the immune system in NRK. The findings showed that people who have received several vaccines more often recognize viruses from several strains.

– We have proven that the influenza vaccine works more broadly than what has been shown previously, explains Ertesvåg.

The study investigated blood samples from children and healthy adults who received different influenza vaccines. The results suggest that those people who had taken more vaccines developed antibodies against more viruses compared to those who had taken fewer, even against other influenza viruses not included in the vaccines.

As Ertesvåg points out, it does not mean that we will not become ill from new viruses, however, antibodies produced after vaccination will probably protect against the most severe influenza.

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