Lena Hansen with a PhD degree

Lena Hansen with a PhD degree

Lena Hansen, © Kristin Risa

Lena Hansen from the Influenza group has successfully defended her PhD on September 23.

Lena defended her dissertation on “Strategies for improving influenza vaccines: insights from the Influenza A H1N1 and SARS-CoV-2 pandemics”. Influenza Centre’s leader, Professor Rebecca J. Cox was her first supervisor, whereas Dr Fan Zhou, Professor Ali Ellebedy and Associate Professor Kristin Greve-Isdahl Mohn supported her as co-supervisors. Lena engaged in a great discussion on her thesis and answered questions of the opponents: Associate Professor Sophie Valkenburg, University of Melbourne and Assistant Professor Aaron G. Schmidt, Harvard Medical School.

The defence was chaired by Professor Silke Appel, University of Bergen.

Many congratulations to Lena and her supervisors!