Seminar on Effective science communication in Voss

Seminar on Effective science communication in Voss

Participants of the seminar in Voss/Research Group for Infection and Microbiology

On November 24-25, 2022, the University’s of Bergen Department of Clinical science organized a lunch-to-lunch seminar for young researchers, with support from IBA – The national research school in infection biology and antimicrobials.

PhD Candidates, along with postdocs and their supervisors were invited to Voss to explore the theme of the meeting: Effective science communication.

The event included both dissemination and scientific focused sessions. The very first sessions provided tips and tricks for the young researchers on how to present their research in attractive and approachable ways. The participants had an opportunity to use this knowledge in practice during their following research presentations. They were challenged to summarise their research in only 5 minutes for a diverse audience – like general public, bachelor and master level students.

The seminar also included other practical sessions, e.g. focused on creating content for the university webpages, making scientific illustrations, predatory publishing and final remarks/future perspectives from the group leaders.

The event turned out to be very successful and not only enabled the participants to get to know each other better, but it also provided them with new practical skills on how to effectively communicate their research findings.