IBA meeting 2023 in Solstrand

IBA meeting 2023 in Solstrand

Opening speech by Professor Rebecca Cox

On 4-5 September 2023, members of the research group for infection and microbiology gathered in Solstrand for the National Graduate School in Infection Biology and Antimicrobials (IBA) meeting.

Over 35 participants joined the seminar to present and discuss their research with colleagues and learn about activities of the other group members. The influenza group was represented by a number of PhD students and postdocs who presented their projects during the meeting, along with senior staff and technicians.

The event started with a welcome and presentation of the group by its leader – Professor Rebecca Cox. Then, during three different sessions we got to listen to several presentations focusing on different aspects of the research within infection and microbiology. Members of the influenza group gave the following talks:

Ingeborg Yddal – “Antibody responses to influenza vaccination in pregnant women and young children in rural Bangladesh”

Karl Albert Brokstad – “The Incentive project”

Sarah Lartley Jalloh – “Dissecting antibody responses after quadrivalent inactivated influenza vaccine immunization in children and the elderly ”

Camilla Tvedt Eikanger – “Human Lung Organoid Model to Study Influenza Virus”

Fan Zhou – “SARS-CoV-2 specific antibody responses in the elderly”

Therese Bredholt Onyango – “SARS-CoV-2 specific immune responses in overweight and obese COVID-19 patients” Therese Bredholt Onyango

Geir Bredholt – “Immune responses in home-dwelling older adults up to 18 months after COVID-19 vaccination”

Ingeborg Yddal
Karl Albert Brokstad
Sarah Lartey Jalloh
Therese Bredholt Onyango
Fan Zhou
Geir Bredholt

The day concluded with a dinner, quiz and networking activities.

The second day of the event was also very productive with three more scientific sessions. This time, our group was represented by:

Henriette Ertsås – “Give Long Covid patients want they want!”

Anders Madsen – “Antibodies targeting influenza B neuraminidase active site are broadly protective”

Finn Morten Bloch-Johnsen – “Vaccine effectiveness trial To evaluate protection of children and pregnant women by influenza vaccine in rural Bangladesh”

Lukas Hoen – “Differences in Children and Adults after LAIV vaccination”

Henriette Ertsås
Anders Madsen
Lukas Hoen

In the last session, Professor Nina Langeland gave final remarks summarizing the event in the context of IBA, giving us food for thought regarding future meetings and collaborations.

Closing remarks by Professor Nina Langeland

Overall, it was a very productive and inspiring seminar, and a very enriching experience, especially for the young researchers participating in it. We are looking forward to more similar activities in the future.

Participants of the IBA meeting 2023 in Solstrand